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Owner, Dalila is a highly qualified Massage Therapist, Medical Intuitive and Practitioner of Alternative Therapies and has extensive experience in a variety of healing modalities with many success stories from people who have benefited through her treatments. She was born to Portuguese Madeiran parents and raised on the Portuguese Island of Madeira in the Atlantic sea, North Africa. Madeira's traditional healing knowledge passed on through generations of healers have given Dalila a unique and holistic approach to her therapies.

Dalila was drawn to the beauty and serenity of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland with a vision of creating a retreat based on Egyptian & Portuguese Mediterranean cultures Universal healing. She bought the property and built 3 suites Goddess-Isis-Moon, Ra-Sun-God, Cleopatra, Day Spa and a Natural Therapies Clinic then transformed the rugged garden with her bare hands into an oasis of flowers, herbs and trees for her guests to enjoy. Her interest in the Egyptian Kundalini Goddess Isis Tantric energy and mystical Tantra have resulted in a range of specialised treatments.

Dalila has travelled, lived in other countries and studied extensively in the field of natural therapies and is regarded highly as an Energy Intuitive Healer, Medical Intuitive and Massage Therapist. Her comprehensive treatments are tailored to your needs and Dalila's spiritual approach will allow you to enter a deep state of relaxation allowing for healing, balancing, realigning all energy centers (Chakras) and illness, emotional and physical, mind pain then disappears.  Life Force Energy called Kundalini replenishes depleted stores, Auric Field mends and Past Lives mortal and spirit, heart wounding and disappointments are cleared.  Shifts of consciousness begins accelerating and higher vibrations occurs.

After healing herself from breast and cervical cancer between late 1990's and early 2000's through reconnection to God Divine Source, Natural Therapies such as energy healing and lifestyle changes and finally a horrific car crash in 2005 when she was left with brain damage, spinal and neck serious fracture injuries among many other internal injuries to several organs & bones Dalila died on that day but reached out to God & the Angels & Universal healing and she was fully healed within the same day of being wheeled into the emergency room at Sunshine Coast Nambour hospital she walked out accompanied by family.

What happened that day and her life story will be published in a book.  She will also be publishing different miraculous healings with her clients and amazing healing techniques to benefit all who wish to open up and receive.



Qualification details

Studied at College of Natural Medicine Brisbane. TAFE Brisbane. University of London. OMEGA Holistic Institute Rhinebeck. New York     

    *  Certificates in Hawaiian Kahuna & Lomi Lomi & Heat Therapy Stones & Back Walk styles of Massage
    *  Certificate in Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage
    *  Certificate in Traditional Balinese Style Massage
    *  Certificate in Ayurveda Style Massage
    *  Certificates in Aromatherapy lymphatic massage 

    *  Certificates in Aromatherapy oils, beauty & personal & health care.

    *  Certificates in Reflexology 

    *  Certificates in Bowen Therapies

    *  Certificate Qualified Medical Intuitve Practitioner & Teacher level  

    *  Egyptian Seichim Master Practitioner & Teacher level 
    *  Japanese Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher level
    *  Pellowah Healing Techniques Practitioner & Teacher level
    *  Certificates in Orion DNA 12 Strand Practitioner & Teacher level  
    *  Certificates in Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner Level 
    *  Certificates in EMF Balancing Techniques Practitioner Level


    *  Certificates in Hobby Ceramics Art Teacher Level, Sculpture & Fine Art. 

    *  Certificates in Nutrition, Cookery, First Class Hotel Housekeeping, Occupational Health & Safety, First Aid. Brisbane TAFE

    *  Training with - Doctor Author Brian Weiss. Past Life Regression & Progression, Hypnotherapy, Visualisation.  Omega Holistic Institute. New York

    *  W/shops in Healing Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning, Tibetan & Native American Indian Shamanism -        

         Studied under Native American Indian, South American, Hawaiian, Aboriginal, Indian - Gurus, Elders, Kahunas 

    *   Advanced w/shops in Belly Dancing & Movement, Meditation, Visualisation, Yoga & Breath Techniques

    *   Researched & practised Kundalini & Tantra Meditation, Yoga, Breath work, Visualisation, Bodywork 

    *   Advanced w/shops & research in Metamorphosis healing techniques

    *   Attended advanced workshops in making blends for beauty, personal care & health products


















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