Natural Therapies

Egyptian Goddess Isis Healing                 $120

This is a heart healing connection with Heaven & Earth using alchemical processes & crystal energy. Clears Karmic wounding of the heart & emotional states which cause depression, illness, sadness & deep anxiety.

Reflexology                                                       $70

Treats specific acupressure points on the feet to inspire healing in the body.

Metamorphosis Healing                              $90

Based on an ancient Chinese system of powerful transformation healing. Reflex areas of the feet, hands, spine & scalp are gently treated to clear Karma & genetic blockages.

Pellowah                                                            $80

This Is a form of healing that connects all strands of DNA ready for activation. Results radical shifts of consciousness.

Reiki & Seichim                                               $60

Gentle form of hands on healing using ancient symbols.

Orion DNA 12 Strand                                     $80

Theta state of healing creates a connection with the creative source of God at a cellular level.

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