Natural Therapies

Egyptian Goddess Isis Healing                 

This is a heart healing connection with Heaven & Earth using alchemical processes & crystal energy. Clears Karmic wounding of the heart & emotional states which cause depression, illness, sadness & deep anxiety.


Treats specific acupressure points on the feet to inspire healing in the body.

Metamorphosis Healing                              

Based on an ancient Chinese system of powerful transformation healing. Reflex areas of the feet, hands, spine & scalp are gently treated to clear Karma & genetic blockages.


This Is a form of healing that connects all strands of DNA ready for activation. Results radical shifts of consciousness.

Reiki & Seichim                                              

Gentle form of hands on healing using ancient symbols.

Orion DNA 12 Strand                                    

Theta state of healing creates a connection with the creative source of God at a cellular level.

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